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Telsey unique and distinctive design adds value to the offer of Multiplay Operators reinforcing and differentiating their brand recognition. Inspired by "look and feel" and "touch and feel", materials are intended as a plus and not just a "piece of white/grey plastic" and colours act as a humor activator.
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Telsey CPVA642WA is an ADSL2+ Home Gateway setting a new reference for broadband operators who provide multiple data, VoIP, IP TV, FMC, gaming and security services to residential and business customers. Based on an innovative Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g MIMO approach with internal antennas, it allows beating the barrier of home cabling inside the house for IP TV streaming.

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Telsey S.r.l. - Via E. Mattei 29 - 31055 Quinto di Treviso (TV) - Italia - Capitale Sociale Euro 100.000,00 i.v. - P.IVA e Nr. Iscr. Registro Imprese di Treviso 04472550260
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