Telsey Sh@rk is the IP Set Top Box that beats the barriers between your home entertainment devices and the multimedia contents stored in your home devices such as PCs, USB drives or digital cameras.

Thanks to Sh@rk, you can now enjoy watching your personal media on your TVs and Home Theatres. Contents can be viewed from:
- PCs connected to your home network
- external USB hard disks or pendrives
- USB compatible digital cameras
- USB MP3 players
- an internal hard disk

Easy connectivity between your PCs and Sh@rk is provided not only through ethernet cabling but also using a pair of USB Wi-Fi dongles. Moreover, a powerful UPnP engine allows to get quick connection to consumer electronics and portable devices in your LAN.

Telsey Sh@rk can also act as your personal portable jukebox, allowing to view on TVs your preferred multimedia contents stored in the internal hard disk (or into external USB Hard Disk) when you are away from your home, for example at friends' houses or during vacations.

Telsey Sh@rk configuration includes a remote control and a pair of USB Wi-Fi dongles. An integrated 160GB hard disk is also provided, allowing to store permanently your personal contents.

pdf document Sh@rk (396kb)
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